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Our Philosophy

The Cozymum and Me Philosophy

Becoming a mother is tough.  Our brand was born out of finding a new friend who was going through the same emotional rollercoaster of sleepless nights, worry and mummying minefelds.  It all began in 2017 over a cup of tea whilst swapping notes on the things that got us through that particular day with our little ones, from biscuits to breastpumps!

Since then, we have laughed, cried and grown as mothers, and now it is our turn to help new Mums to discover their own maternal strength.  It is there, even on the hardest of days: you just don’t realise it yet!

We are firm believers that mothers need clothing that makes them feel confident: that allows them to be themselves as they mother, not just another piece of functional baby kit.  We want to provide nursing tops that make feeding cozier, easier and that enable you to parent in your own way.  All of our products are made with the softest that we can find, that nurture and support.  Post-pregnancy clothing should offer comfort when you are at your most vulnerable.

We don’t have a parenting philosophy: just one simple desire.  We want to support Mums to follow their instincts – being kind to themselves as they embark on this journey of motherhood.

Our vision is a network of new mothers who feel able to trust their instincts without feeling judged: we want to support those with babies and young children to trust their instincts and to grow in confidence as a parent.