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Cozymum and Me: women in business

Navigating the trials and tribulations of becoming new mothers, Debbie and Liz would probably have never met if it weren’t for the Mush app.  They soon discovered that they had so much in common, and not just the fact that they both had daughters born just three days apart in the same hospital.

During their regular (sometimes twice daily!) walks around their local area, trying to coax their little ones to sleep, many a conversation was had about the frustrations of maternity and nursing wear.  They both sought the holy grail that was an outfit that was practical and comfortable for being at home with a baby, but that also made them feel good about their post-partum bodies and made them feel like their old selves again.  The majority of affordable options felt a bit frumpy and not in keeping with their pre-pregnancy wardrobes, at all.

Having struggled to find comfy, cozy and beautiful maternity and post-pregnancy wear, Debbie and Liz often talked about the type of products that they’d have loved to have been able to find.  The softest, organic fabric with clever but discrete nursing features.  They craved a capsule maternity wardrobe that could have been worn throughout pregnancy, but still worked once the baby arrived too: cost effective and practical! Cozymum and Me is, therefore, very much their way of giving back; of offering those products that eluded them to others, and a way in which they can support new Mums who are just embarking on their journeys.

Since 2017, they have learned as much about themselves as they have their baby girls, returned to work after maternity leave and continued those discussions about maternity wear, resulting in their new venture: starting Cozymum and Me.  All this alongside changing nappies, navigating weaning and becoming parents of active and chatty toddlers!

Becoming ‘Mum-preneurs’ has not been easy, and there have been many learning curves.  Debbie’s experience in marketing and sales, head for numbers and aspirational outlook on life has driven them forward, even whilst she has travelled the globe with her full-time and intense day job!  Liz’s attention to detail has been crucial behind the scenes: a teacher by day and website builder, copywriter and logistics manager by night, not to mention her chief tea-making responsibilities, she has discovered so many transferable skills and new talents to add to her classroom management techniques.

Debbie and Liz now look to expand Cozymum and Me even further.  As well as the line of accessories available now and the Autumn/Winter range of clothing that is due to hit their online shop at the end of August, they want to expand their clothing line, add a range of twinning baby items, and produce further innovative accessories to support new Mums both physically and mentally.  They want every Mum to feel good about herself, and to learn that even when it is hard, there is a need to trust yourself and follow your instinct too.  Whether that is aided by wearing well-fitted clothing, a nursing top that allays fears of a ‘wardobe malfunction’ whilst feeding in public or just an accessory that makes life a tiny bit easier, Debbie and Liz are the women to dream it up and bring it to fruition.

This two-Mum team have ambition, drive and a sense of duty towards new Mums out there and are a duo to look out for in the coming months!

Whether it is clothing, nursing accessories, baby products, reassurance or a sense of community as a new parent that you are seeking, Cozymum and me are honoured to have you along with them on this incredible journey.

Press release, 24th May 2019


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