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Organic Balm

(2 customer reviews)


This soothing organic balm can be used for everything from cracked nipples to nappy rash.  It is as versatile as it is gentle: perfect for baby’s skin as well as yours.  Hand-made and hand-poured, using only organic ingredients, rub into dry or sore skin to leave it feeling soft and nourished.

 Our silky soft balm can be used as an all-in-one skincare solution for you and baby.  Try it as:

  • A nipple cream for sore or cracked nipples (no need to wash off before nursing)
  • A stretch mark rub to help reduce the appearance of lines
  • An all-over moisturiser for baby’s skin as well as your own
  • A luxurious hand cream or cuticle enricher
  • A luscious lip balm
  • A nappy cream to help soothe sore bottoms
  • A cradle cap balm
  • An alternative to massage oil

This solid balm becomes fluid when rubbed into skin: a little goes a long way!

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2 reviews for Organic Balm

  1. jodie

    Such a lovely balm! so calming and has is a lot softer than some other well known brands that can almost solidify in the tube.

  2. Sarah

    I have two children and have used so many different balms over the years, but none provide this type of versatility. I’m impressed with the thoughtfulness of the ingredients–everything we put on our baby’s skin should be as safe and effective as this balm. From a practical standpoint, the balm smells wonderful and does what it’s supposed to do (and more), and a little truly does go a long way! I originally bought this balm through Amazon, but upon seeing their other products, definitely wish I would have bought the CozyMum & Me Gift Set directly from the CozyMum & Me website.

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